iPhone 15 Pro Sees Drop in 5-Star Reviews: What Customers Are Saying


Back in May, a study from PerfectRec showed the iPhone 14 lineup, including the 14 Pro, saw a notable drop in the percentage of 5-star reviews. Now, the firm’s latest study reveals another drop for the iPhone 15 Pro. Let’s take a closer look at what customers are saying.

The Study

The latest study from PerfectRec is based on 695,000 user-generated Google reviews for the iPhone 15 devices. While the data may include some erroneous or extreme reviews, the large sample size provides a good idea of customer sentiment.

Apple’s Perspective

Apple, during its fiscal Q3 earnings call, stated that a study from 451 Research found iPhone 14 family satisfaction to be at 98%. However, the user-generated reviews collected in this new study tell a different story.

Comparison with iPhone 14

Comparing the iPhone 15 Pro with its predecessor, the iPhone 14 Pro, reveals a significant drop in 5-star reviews. The iPhone 14 Pro experienced an 8% decrease in the number of 5-star reviews compared to the 13 Pro. However, the iPhone 15 Pro has dropped even further, reaching a new low of 72% 5-star reviews just over a month since its launch.

Customer Sentiment

These findings indicate that customers are not as satisfied with the iPhone 15 Pro as they were with previous models. While it is important to note that the study is comparing different yet closely related metrics, it raises concerns about the overall customer experience.


The latest study from PerfectRec highlights a decline in 5-star reviews for the iPhone 15 Pro. With a sample size of 695,000 user-generated Google reviews, it provides valuable insight into customer sentiment. Apple’s claim of high customer satisfaction based on a separate study contrasts with the findings of this study. As we await Apple’s official satisfaction numbers for the iPhone 15 lineup, it will be interesting to see if they align with the user-generated reviews. Stay tuned for more updates on this topic.

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